Top 10 Fun Things To Do in Barcelona

top fun activities barcelona

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city that can be visited again and again, but once the main tourist spots have been discovered, what remains to be done in the city? After having walked through the Sagrada Familia, the Ramblas, Parc Güell and the other must-see places, it’s time to discover Barcelona in a different way with unusual and fun activities. Because, in addition to the major tourist sites, the city is full of hidden places and offers unique opportunities for original activities! Go on tours off the beaten track and discover the most beautiful hidden places in Barcelona. Whether it is for an incentive travel, a seminar, a bachelorette party, a bachelor party, or a simple relaxing family holiday, it is time to take advantage of the hidden gems of the Catalan capital. So to have fun during your stay in Barcelona, discover our Top 10 fun activities to do in Barcelona!


best-local-bike-tour-barcelonaBike treasure hunt

To discover unusual places, go for a bike ride in the city like no other. Choose an eco-friendly way to visit the city and enjoy the charm of Barcelona on your bike. Thanks to the treasure hunt organized by Secret Barcelona, go and meet the most beautiful hidden places in Barcelona. You will be asked to solve puzzles on the legends of the past in order to combine culture and leisure while exploring the city. Sitting on your two-wheeler, you will be amazed and will discover the best hidden places of Barcelona!


Best-Escape-game-barcelonaEscape Game

An Escape Game is an activity that appeals to more and more budding players and detectives. The principle is simple: solve puzzles in unique settings between thrills and excitement in less than 60 minutes. The more playful of you will undoubtedly be won over by the staging and the mysteries to be unraveled! On the other hand, an escape game in Barcelona is the perfect activity if you want to leave the beach aside and have fun! Through riddles and puzzles, use your imagination and your senses to solve the mysteries of Escape games throughout the city.


best tapas tour by locals barcelonaTapas Tour

Impossible to leave Barcelona without having tested its world-famous gastronomy! Tapas are part of the Spanish gastronomic culture. Clearly, you cannot spend holidays in Barcelona without introducing your taste buds to these little delicacies. Plus, whether you’re a vegetarian, meat lover, or tortilla fan, there is something for everyone! To help you get the best tapas experience in Barcelona, Secret Barcelona offers you its famous Tapas Tour. Take the time to taste the local specialties while exploring the beauties of the city!


Gambas Cooking experience cataloniaTraditional cooking class

Tasting traditional Catalan recipes is a real pleasure, but to go even further, we suggest you participate in a cooking class with a local chef! If you enjoy cooking and above all would like to use your senses, the cooking workshops will undoubtedly please you! Traditional dishes such as paella and tapas will hold no secrets for you! And of course, end this moment of conviviality with a tasting of your dishes and a wine pairing with the best Catalan wines for a real explosion of flavors! In the heart of the city or in the traditional bodegas of the hinterland, our guides will take you on a memorable culinary journey!


Barcelona Team building-castellers human pyramidCastellers Workshop

Are you looking for authenticity and unusual experiences in Barcelona? Get ready for a total immersion in the heart of Spanish culture with a Castellers workshop that will introduce you to the Catalan human pyramids. This activity is a best seller for Team building and Incentives in Barcelona. With a common challenge, get your team or your friends together to succeed in reproducing a human pyramid! This Catalan tradition is an acrobatic feat that helps to strengthen ties and above all to surpass oneself. And if you are not daring enough for this challenge, you can still enjoy the Castellers show all year round at popular festivals in Barcelona!


flamenco-show-night-barcelonaFlamenco Show

There are many traditions to discover during your stay in Spain. Among these traditions, we offer you a frenetic activity full of intensity: Flamenco! From the most popular to the most unusual ones, the city has many places where it is possible to attend Flamenco shows. Secret Barcelona has selected the best places to see a flamenco show to make you discover this striking dance and live a unique experience! The must-do? A gastronomic dinner in a historic place where gipsy guitar players and flamenco dancers offer a breathtaking show!



boat party barcelonaBoat Party

During your stay in Barcelona, enjoy an unusual and festive activity! With family or friends, a Boat Party is a good compromise between a sea trip and a party! Make the most out of your few days in Barcelona to do a unique and exceptional activity on the Mediterranean. Music, drinks and incredible views of the Spanish coast, everything is there to allow you to spend a fun time in the open sea! And if you want to organize a corporate event, a bachelorette party, a stag party, or a birthday, the organization of a Boat Party is the guarantee of a milestone event that you will not forget!


cruise catamaran barcelonaPrivate cruise by catamaran or sailboat

In the same vein as the Boat Party, a catamaran cruise is a must in Barcelona and on the Costa Brava. For a Team Building activity in Barcelona or for an outing with friends or family, rent a catamaran or a sailboat for a few hours and go for a fun sea trip! Taking a private cruise on a catamaran or aboard a sailboat will allow you to appreciate the hidden charms of the coast and enjoy spectacular views of Barcelona! The opportunity is also ideal for initiating yourself to diving or snorkeling in the small bays that hide along the coast. The depths of the sea are also to be explored during an unusual first dive. In the early morning or at sunset, take a deep breath and enjoy the Catalan landscapes!


parasailing barcelonaParasailing

Maybe some of you are keen on thrilling activities? So get ready to take off during a parasailing session! To discover Barcelona differently is also to gain height to enjoy an unusual point of view and take in the view! Live a unique moment, your head in the clouds, thanks to the parasailing. Soar over Barcelona’s shore and see its most beautiful coastal landscapes from the sky. This incredible experience will be sure to stay in your wildest memories! Come on, take the plunge and grab the opportunity of a lifetime to parasail in Barcelona!


helicopter tour barcelonaHelicopter tour

For lovers of beautiful landscapes and panoramic views, hop aboard a helicopter to see Barcelona from the air. You will be immediately surprised by the sensations provided and the beauty of the city seen from the sky. This activity is a perfect compromise to discover Barcelona quickly and live a unique experience. For a few hours, you will look at the main tourist sites of the city, the famous grid of the Eixample district, and the sublime Barcelona coast from above. Taking a helicopter ride is a privileged activity that guarantees incredible sensations!


Secret Barcelona helps you organizing original and fun activities in Barcelona. This Top 10 fun activities in Barcelona is just a brief overview of the possibilities for outings in and around the city. If you want to organize a private tour or a corporate event, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll create your tailor-made trip! Barcelona is a city to be explored again and again, with activities that take you off the beaten track. Prepare your stay in Barcelona with us for unforgettable memories!

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