Why organise a business meeting in Barcelona?

Barcelona Sunset

A business meeting is a good opportunity for a company to unite and develop a team. Organizing a business meeting abroad is a management tool that has a great impact on companies. They give an opportunity to collaborators to get together outside the professional environment for one or few days so they can share a common project. In addition to the knowledge-sharing aspect which is already very interesting, these events above all allow employees working in the same company to get to know each other better. Communication and team cohesion are strengthened using team building activities. Organizing a business meeting in Barcelona is a good opportunity to improve the company’s image and expand its business!

To help you get the most out of your business trip, Secret Barcelona can organize a tailor-made stay for you. The concept is simple: together we create the seminar that meets your needs and desires in an ideal location, Barcelona.

Barcelona: a great destination for business meetings

Best sea view venue in BarcelonaBarcelona is the main destination in Spain for seminars and it’s no surprise! Between the city, the beach and the mountains, the Catalan capital is full of activities and opportunities for businesses. From must-see tourist spots to little secret places, we make sure your seminar in Barcelona will be unforgettable!

The Spanish city offers something different for any company wishing to organize its seminar in Spain. Besides a lively nightlife, modern facilities and a renowned football club, Barcelona is above all a historic city with an exceptional architectural and cultural heritage. When you come to Barcelona for an incentive trip or a seminar, you can be sure to discover the city in the footsteps of famous artists Gaudi, Picasso and Dali. The Barcelona art of living will hold no secrets for you and your team!

Thanks to the wide choice of hotels, organize your seminars and business conferences in exceptional places, from the most picturesque to the most luxurious. These hotels offer you a unique setting and quality services with trusted professionals.

Our 3 main reasons to have your seminar in Barcelona

Visit Barcelona and discover exceptional natural and cultural sites

Barcelona can be discovered day and night through a variety of buildings, each more surprising than the next: the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar, the Palace of Catalan Music, the Sagrada Familia and many others. Group tours are organized to immerse you in the heart of these architectural wonders reflecting Barcelona’s past.

Casa Vicens in Barcelona

The city is also known as the city of Gaudi. Therefore, you will not miss the works of the famous architect, creator of Casa Batlló, which light up the streets of Barcelona. All in all, Barcelona is a surprising and magical city that captivates all who discover it.

Thanks to the diversity of its landscapes, Barcelona is above all a city where you can practice all kinds of activities. Whether by the sea or inland, the possibilities for extraordinary group experiences are plentiful. There is something for everyone between catamaran trips, rafting sessions, bike rides in the narrow streets of Barcelona or even rooftop cooking lessons to taste delicious Catalan dishes!

Embrace the Catalan way of life during your stay

The atmosphere in Barcelona is vibrant and cosmopolitan with the feeling of a city that never sleeps. With a very diverse population, the city brings together many cultures from around the world. But above all, Catalan culture dominates in Barcelona. Tapas, Catalan rumba, Catalan sardana and traditional castellers are just a few of the cultural traditions to discover during your stay. When you come to Barcelona, you must also discover the peculiarities of Catalan gastronomy and live to the rhythm of their annual traditions that bring the streets to life. As you stroll through the streets of the city, you can discover the Catalan art of living and admire an authentic Barcelona.

A cultural change of scenery just a few hours away

With a Mediterranean climate, Barcelona is a year round destination. So fill up with positive energy by coming to Barcelona with your team! Treat yourself to a sunny break in Spain for a few days.

Thanks to its proximity to France, you will reach Barcelona in no time with a flight of only 1h30. Forget about the complex administrative procedures to organize your seminar and bring your team together! With the services of professionals such as Secret Barcelona taking care of everything, all you have to do is pack your bags and come to Spain!

Fly to a seminar in Barcelona

Combine professional and personal: enjoy a special moment with your colleagues in a holiday setting

Barcelona is a charming destination with its beautiful beaches and shimmering climate. The city welcomes you for your business seminars in an idyllic setting between relaxation and team building. Such a relaxing environment helps strengthen the cohesion of your team while offering each of your employees a restful stay to replenish their vitamins. After a day of work, get lost in the streets of the city to discover all the nooks and crannies. No doubt everyone will come back to this pretty Spanish town!

Team building beach games in BarcelonaAnd to strengthen your teams and improve your professional relationships, include activities specially developed for business seminars in your professional trip. Thanks to Secret Barcelona you will enjoy exciting team building activities with your company! To do this, discover some of our unusual team building activities in Barcelona that will make your Catalan stay a unique event.

You can organize your business meeting in Barcelona the way you want it! Secret Barcelona is at your service to offer you a tailor-made stay: organizing your business seminar in Barcelona with our English speaking DMC agency, it is the assurance of discovering the city as you’ve never seen it before!

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