Top 5 reasons to organise a team building for your collaborators

organise a team building for your collaborators

Any company wishing to improve its performance should organise a team building. It’s a real dream opportunity! Indeed, in its guise of an entertaining event, a team building activity is also a means of promoting the productivity of the company by playing on one of its main variables: human capital.

Why organize a team building?

A team building is an activity organized by a company and in which its members are invited to participate as part of their work. During this activity, members of the company share unique moments outside of their traditional work environment. Group activities are favored by companies because they encourage “team games” and promote the integration of each member with the development of a corporate culture.

Team building can be of several kinds. They take the form of a business trip, fun activities or a business meeting or corporate event among others. The duration of a team building also varies. It can be organized for a short period, the time of an activity but also over a weekend or even several days in a row. Group stays abroad are particularly frequent for the organization of original team building activities!

A Team building activity is therefore an integration tool and a source of motivation for employees. Therefore, organizing a team building delivers significant benefits for any business. If you are still hesitant to organize this corporate event, the rest of this article will be useful!

Organize a team building: the advantages

1. Strengthen team spirit

The primary objective of team building is to strengthen solidarity and team cohesion between employees of the same company. Most of the time, the activities organized during a team building are strategic and allow participants to be challenged. These are often team games with a high stake: everyone must work hand in hand to achieve the goal. Each participant is guided by the same objective: to win! The members of the company become interdependent and united. This state of mind encouraged during the activity will then be a source of daily performance.

Putting your employees to the test allows you to reveal each person’s personalities and above all to express their talents outside the traditional framework of work.

2. Create links between members of the company

Organizing a team building is also an opportunity to create links between employees. Getting outside of the corporate world helps to take a fresh look at your teammates. Dialogue settles more easily and bonds are formed more quickly in this leisure context.

The business world is a framework subject to tensions. Some words can be misinterpreted and certain blockages can arise between members of the same organization. Team building is therefore an effective solution to resolve tensions in a spontaneous and natural way. During the activities organized by our guides, we stress the importance of developing group cohesion with workshops that bring together and create a friendly atmosphere.

Develop group cohesion with a team building

3. Reinforce the feeling of belonging to the group: the corporate culture

Participating in a team building activity or event also aims to strengthen the feeling of collective belonging to the same corporate culture. Corporate culture is a strategic, symbolic and powerful element. The more developed and solid the corporate culture, the more integrated the members of the company feel. Members share common corporate values, identify and recognize themselves as belonging to the same organization.

Corporate culture is in fact useful for retaining employees but also for attracting new talent. A company that organizes a team building gives the image of an attractive, dynamic, modern organization that places importance on the well-being and entertainment of its employees. Thus, the organization of these corporate events is also useful in improving its reputation. For this reason, feel free to share your photos on social media once your team building is over!

Today, young graduates are looking for unusual experiences and inspiring work environments. Team building sessions are an opportunity to offer new experiences to employees while appealing to their creativity, their team spirit or their ability to challenge themselves.

4. Source of Thanks & Reward

Organizing a team building is also a way to thank employees for the work they do on a daily basis. Knowing how to reward team members is essential in any business. This allows employees to feel that their efforts are recognized and that their work is appreciated. This award will be a source of motivation to continue to provide quality work in the future.

Whether it’s a team building activity or an incentive trip, organize activities and events that bring people together to create this feeling of cohesion within your company! According to your desires, tourism professionals organize the event that suits you in key destinations such as Spain. With a wide range of resorts, reception venues and team building activities to perform, Spain is a destination of choice when it comes to organizing a group trip abroad.

Team Well-being with a Team Building activity

5. Put well-being at the center of concerns to build loyalty

If retaining your teams is an issue that is close to your heart, organizing a team building could be the solution for you. The advantages provided by team building on your teams help to retain them more. Indeed, the organization of this type of activity is akin to the benefits perceived by the employee. The more benefits the employee has in his work, the more he is encouraged to stay there. Salary compensation represents the main benefit. However, other non-cash benefits also weigh in the balance. The atmosphere at work is a fundamental criterion for many people. By organizing a team building, you show your employees that you are the company for them!

Team building also has the advantage of promoting the well-being of employees. This represents a break from their professional routine. Investing in the well-being of your teams means encouraging their productivity over the long term. Effectiveness at work is closely linked to how the members of the organization feel. The better your teams feel about their work, the more efficient they will be. Taking care of its employees is therefore a win-win issue.

Secret Barcelona: your local travel agency for an original Team Building

You now know the advantages of organizing a team building. Employees and business leaders alike are the winners!

If you want to surprise your teams with the organization of an original team building, consider Secret Barcelona. Our Agency organizes corporate events in dreamy settings. Mallorca, Ibiza, Valencia or Barcelona: our idyllic destinations provide a change of scenery and well-being. The activities that we organize will not fail to surprise you… Discover the secrets of Menorca, enjoy a hippie chic trip to Ibiza, or even private visits to the most beautiful places in Barcelona. At Secret Barcelona, ​​our expert teams in organizing corporate events take your team building in hand. Our ambition is to create a tailor-made and unforgettable team building for you. Our secret? The experience of our guides and the authentic places we select to offer you the team building that will make an impression.

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