Top 10 Barcelona must-sees for Christmas 2020

top 10 must-sees barcelona christmas 2020

Do you want to discover the top must-sees places of Barcelona differently? Barcelona is one of the best capital city and the most popular to travel to during Christmas time! Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the city with the aim of visiting the emblematic places of the Catalan capital. As a result, the city’s tourist sites, originally traditional and authentic, were overrun by these crowds of visitors. This year, the situation is somewhat different. Busy Barcelona gives way to local Barcelona. By attracting fewer tourists, the city regains its soul, its value and its authenticity. Barcelona is breathing again and believe us it is very pleasant to visit it without having too many people around you. Places to visit in the city regain their charm, value and special character. Who has never dreamed of visiting the real Barcelona, the one locals know, the authentic, unique and traditional Barcelona?


Rediscover 10 must-see places in Barcelona

1. Visit Parc Güell in peace


Park guell sunset tourParc Güell regained its essence at the end of 2020. This famous public garden was built in 1900 by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. As a true emblem of Barcelona, it has been selected to be on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Originally, Gaudi’s wish was to transmit through this architecturally unique place the omnipresence of the divinity. Therefore, this Barcelona must-see has a sacred character. Located up the Gràcia district, it is a unique place on earth. It gives access to breathtaking views over the city. And, without the usual crowd of visitors, Parc Güell has regained its divine character. The beauty of the place can be appreciated much more easily and the historical character of the site is felt more by the visitors. In this context of tranquility and calm, it is much easier to understand Gaudi’s initial message.

2. Discover the Cathedral Christmas market


christmas market in barcelonaThis Christmas market in Barcelona is a place and an event that you absolutely must visit! The Fira de Santa Llúcia takes place during the month of December in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, ​​in front of the majestic Holy Cross Cathedral.

La Fira de Santa Llúcia is Barcelona’s oldest Christmas market. It opened in 1786. It is full of authentic and unique treasures that will allow you to discover and soak up Catalan culture. For example, in this market you can find traditional and typical Catalan gifts, such as Caga Tió or Caganer. If you like symbolic, historical and traditional acquisitions, you must bring these gifts back from Barcelona!

The Caga Tió is a wooden log on which a smiling face has been drawn. This Christmas log is covered with a small blanket and has wooden legs that make it stand upright. It is a symbol of Catalan mythology and a tradition that many Catalans like to follow during the Christmas period. The Caga Tió protects Catalan households and they are therefore very attached to it. Another souvenir you can buy at the Santa Llúcia market is the Caganer. This Christmas santon literally bears the name of “the one who shits”. This prosaic figure is placed at the back of the Catalan crib, isolated from the other santons. Its role is symbolic since it represents prosperity with the power to fertilize the earth by defecating. If you want to offer an original, symbolic and funny gift for Christmas, come to the Fira de Llúcia in December!


3. Lovers of Spanish gastronomy, discover the Tapas Tour


best tapas tour by locals barcelonaWho said the must-sees in Barcelona were not fun? The Tapas Tour is an ideal way to brighten up your stay in Catalonia and a real fun experience! If you thought the bars and restaurants in town were closed given the current situation, think again. Festive Barcelona is not ready to surrender. Local addresses, traditional bodegas and Catalan restaurants welcome you with open arms! Visiting Barcelona during this period is a great opportunity to take a tapas tour in the company of locals. Far from international tourist chains, we will take you to the best tapas restaurants where locals reallygo! On the menu: vermut or cava, potato tortilla or escalivada, a tasty mix of meat, aubergines and roasted peppers. Do you know of a better way to discover Catalan culture, the real Barcelona without artifice and without filters, than on a tapas tour with a local?


4. Bewitching musical experience at the Palau de la Música


palau musica barcelonaVisiting authentic Barcelona is also a musical experience. To discover the talents of the city, the Palau de la Música is one of the top places to visit. Barcelona is a city of artists and musical life is of great importance in this part of Spain.

If you want to live a special and emotional experience, we recommend this engaging activity. The concerts shown in this unmissable place in Barcelona are of high quality. The artists, musicians and dancers who perform there are truly passionate and the energy they transmit during their performance is incredible. In addition, at the Palau de la Música, artistic diversity is honored. From flamenco shows, to symphony orchestras, through the discovery of young performers such as the talented violinist Cristina Cordero: the Palau de Música offers you choice opportunities. Lovers of traditional, classical or modern music: the Palau de la Música is an address you must stop by during your stay in Barcelona!


5. Impossible to visit Barcelona without discovering the works of Gaudi


Gaudi's Casa Batllo in BarcelonaThe specificity of Barcelona is obviously linked to the works of Gaudi. This Catalan artist left his mark on the city with his artistic imprint. The famous architect is not only the author of Parc Guell in Barcelona. The Casa Batlló, the Pedrera and the Sagrada Familia are other architectural masterpieces by the great Antoni Gaudi. In other words, if you want to be sure to visit Barcelona’s must-see places, put all the works built by this famous Catalan architect on your list. Thanks to him, Barcelona has become a city with a particular style, different from its neighbors in Catalonia and other cities in Spain. So, to get to know the real Barcelona, soaking up the city’s architectural signature is one of the best things to do.


6. How about visiting the city with a local?

visit barcelona on a bike tour with a local

Who could be a better guide than a local from Barcelona? Visiting Barcelona with a local allows you to experience the city in a different way. Far from the beaten track, a local guide will show you around the most secret places in Barcelona. The uniqueness of the tours carried out by locals will make your stay magical. Depending on the local resident who will show you around the city, the tour will be totally different. The locals all have a special relationship with their city. The story they tell you through their visits will therefore be subjective. Conversely, traditional sightseeing tours all share the same story, told in the same way and featuring the same protagonists. It’s up to you to choose the tone you want to give to your stay in Barcelona: a unique or ordinary stay?

7. Sunny stroll in Barceloneta & lunch at Pez Vela


Barceloneta beach and hotel vela in BarcelonaComing to Barceloneta at this current time, you will be surprised to find a Barcelona seaside without the crowds of tourists that come with it. It has been years since Barceloneta has been so local and it’s not so bad after all. This Barcelona staple looks totally different today. Much calmer and more relaxing, the seaside has become a peaceful place where it is pleasant to have lunch in the company of loved ones. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you visit Barceloneta on your next visit to the city. By the way, if you are looking for a restaurant to eat in Barceloneta, one of the best places is Pez Vela. Fish, seafood and Mediterranean and Catalan cuisine are on the menu. This place guarantees you an unforgettable dining experience!


8. Street art workshop in Barcelona: leave your mark


street art and graffiti barcelonaIn Barcelona, art is at the center of local culture. Street artists are numerous and well recognized in the Spanish city. The good news is that it is possible to discover more about this new art form during your stay in Barcelona. If you want to take part in a creative and original activity, street art workshops are an interesting option. As a group, this activity will allow you to get closer to your partners and discover their artistic soul. In addition to contemplating street art masterpieces in the streets of Barcelona, you will also have the opportunity to test your talents as a graffiti artist by indulging in this modern and atypical art. Do not hesitate, make your stay in Barcelona unique and special by participating in real fun and original activities!


9. Treasure hunt on La Rambla


Barcelona SunsetLa Rambla is one of the most famous places in Barcelona. Usually this long avenue is very busy with tourists. But, today, the Rambla offers a new face. Different from the past, Barcelona’s main avenue has not lost its charm. On the contrary, visiting the Rambla without tourists is a very pleasant experience. In this world famous place, Secret Barcelona offers you a very unusual activity: to immortalize your stay in Barcelona, let’s go for a treasure hunt on the Rambla! One thing is certain, you will not forget this moment. Away from the crowds of tourists, set out to discover Barcelona’s hidden treasures. This activity is especially perfect as part of a group trip to Barcelona!

10. Last step of your stay: the Miro Foundation


Secret-Barcelona-TeamFounded in 1971, the Miro Foundation is a must-visit place in Barcelona. This Catalan artist is fully part of the Barcelona landscape. Discovering the real Barcelona without meeting Miro’s masterpieces is not an option! This magnificent place contains more than 200 paintings, hundreds of sculptures but also engravings, books and tapestries. Art lovers visiting Barcelona, the Miro Foundation is a place that will revive your senses!


Between authenticity and tranquility, the Barcelona of today is different from what you may have explored in the past. Right now, it’s a local Barcelona showing off to the world. Even if tourists are less present, its cultural, historical and artistic richness is still great. And vistting Barcelona is actually way easier! Discovering the city’s must-see places at the end of 2020 is for sure a unique experience.

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