Top 5 reasons to go to Ibiza in September

Ibiza beach

Luxury hotels and off the beaten track activities in Ibiza

Renowned for its party nights in the summer months, Ibiza is yet a paradise of nature activities and calm when holidaymakers are still in the office! With its beautiful hotels and its paradisiac beaches, the island is the ideal place for a short stay focused on relaxation and concentration!

Give your business trip a holiday flavor!


Day 1 - Check in and relaxing time

After a 25-minute drive from Ibiza Airport in the afternoon, you will be making yourself comfortable in one of the 7Pines Resort Ibiza 5*'s beautiful suites. Space, light and fine taste are your welcoming committee to instantly chase the stress and fatigue of the trip!

The first dinner is a special moment to welcome all the participants and weave the first connections. On this occasion, a Bedouin-style tent is installed in one of the outdoor spaces of 7Pines, where a cocktail is served to create a warm, informal and refined atmosphere. The foundation is laid!


Day 2 - Keep calm and eat tapas !

The morning is dedicated to work. Meeting spaces are bright and spacious, minds are quiet, productivity is at its peak! Punctuated by a delicious coffee break, this session ends with a fresh and healthy lunch buffet at The View Restaurant, privatized for the occasion.

Relax now! After lunch, a siesta is needed to get in tune. At the edge of the infinity pool or on the beach, no matter the place as long as the time stops!

In the late afternoon, time to explore the island. Ibiza is above all a Spanish island. Thus, just like the other regions of the continent, gastronomy plays a very important role. A Culinary Immersion is the opportunity to dive into the local culture and enjoy a delicious dinner! The rest of the evening is left free: a stroll by the sea to enjoy the freshness, or party in one of the famous clubs of the island, everyone gives free rein to his desires.

Soirée de gala

Day 3 - Tune your day and party on the beach

New morning meeting ! After lunch, head to the studios for a "local" experience: this half-day is devoted to an introduction to Deejays musical creation techniques. Headphones on, and get ready to scratch on the vinyl turntables!

One of the top activities in Ibiza that brings people together to create harmonious and festive songs. What if you produced the next tomorrow tube?

Back at the hotel, we put on our best clothes for an exceptional evening. The Gala Dinner is held at Juls’. This beach restaurant with its warm and refined decoration is defined as “casual fine dining restaurant”. The products are of high quality and come from all over the world: “Organic, local and gourmet, it’s all about the love for food and good products. we enjoy showing the know-how and passion of our chefs brought all the way from Greece”. And when comes the end of the meal, time to party: DJs, artists and dancers appear and give another twist to an evening that suddenly becomes the place to be on the island!



La_Escollera plage

Day 4 – Chill out and plan your return

For a smooth return to reality, this last half-day is left free. This is an opportunity to test the hotel's spa! The check out, before going to the restaurant La Escollera, which has the advantage being on the beach and located close to the airport.

We surely make the most out of every second on Ibiza!

For the last 25 years, this address, popular with both visitors and locals, has been offering authentic Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine, using fresh and local products.

Eyes on the horizon from where the beautiful island of Formentera comes off, the smell exhilarated by the fresh paella served on the table, and a smug smile on the face, we are already thinking of a future return to the island… Ibiza is indeed a destination dedicated to relaxation!

Hotel of the Month: 7 Pines Resort Ibiza 5*

One casually throws his bag on one of the beautiful pieces of furniture that adorn the room, a few breaths on the balcony while looking away at the small island of Es Vedra, a quick sweep of this moment of fullness, then time to explore the many facets of this phantasmagorical place.
When sunset comes, we set our sights on the sea view terrace of the superb Cone Club, one of the 6 bar-restaurants of the establishment, to start this stay a cocktail in hand.

Later, we will make sure we also enjoy the many spaces of the property, to live a different experience every day: sometimes at the Infinity pool, sometimes at the Pure Seven Spa, a place dedicated to beauty and well-being, perched in its setting of zenitude facing the sea. We are far from the madness of the clubs of the Balearic Island!

This is why we love it 🙂

5 good reasons to go to Ibiza in September



To choose Ibiza is to bet on the sun! And if you can not go in September, no problem, the island plays summer extensions: the Balearic Islands indeed enjoy pleasant temperatures, even high, from April to early November. Even the winter is mild and often sunny! Warmer than on the coast, the sea records an average of 21 ° in June and October and 25 ° in August. Rains, scanty, occur mostly in autumn and spring.



This is not a surprise, in Ibiza we like to party, but not only in clubs! The balearic Island also has its folklore. In September, for example, the Peasant Wine Festival in San Mateo is celebrated. In addition to tastings of local wines, there is also the outdoor cooking of "sobradas" and "butifarras", traditional dishes made from pork. It is thanks to the initiative of the small winemakers of the village and following the decline in sales of bottled wine, that the festival of Peasant Wine has imposed itself. Over the years, this festival has become a social event gathering more than 5,000 people, in a village of only 400 souls.



Besides the beaches and the many outdoor activities in Ibiza, you can enjoy beautiful underwater discoveries. The island is an excellent example of interaction between marine and coastal ecosystems. The dense grasslands of posidonia (seagrass grass), endemic species found only in the Mediterranean basin, contain and maintain a diverse marine life, and are listed in the Natural Heritage of Unesco . It is also thanks to them that the postcards are so pretty: the posidonies are the reason for the turquoise color of the waters of the archipelago!



Ibiza retains considerable evidence of its long history. The archaeological sites of Sa Caleta (habitat) and Puig des Molins (necropolis) testify to the importance of the role played by the island in the Mediterranean economy of protohistory and, especially, during the Phoenician-Carthaginian period. The Fortified Upper Town (Alta Vila) is an outstanding example of Renaissance military architecture. It had a profound influence on the development of fortifications in the Spanish settlements of the New World. These architectural treasures are also inscribed on the World Heritage List. Lovers of history, you will not be left out!



Every Sunday from the 12th to the 23rd of June, from 9am to 9pm - This is not really the qualifier that we think of when we imagine a stay on the island, and yet! For a real relaxing moment on the sand, the coves Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta, are among the most beautiful beaches in Spain, and still offer the luxury of (almost) solitude. The hike is also a great way to admire the scenery by listening to the sound of the wind in the trees. There are many routes to cross a valley, a mountain or a plain. The ascent of Sa Talaia (475m altitude, 2h), the highest peak of the island, is a must do and offers serenity and spectacular views!

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