Incentive trip to Barcelona: stays for business groups

incentive trip for groups in barcelona

The organization of incentive trips to Barcelona has skyrocketed in recent years. This popular destination in Spain has become the meeting point to know for the organization of an incentive trip to Barcelona. In this jewel of Catalonia, incentive tourism is now the norm. Why is Barcelona such a popular destination for organizing corporate travel? What are the strengths of this city, both modern and traditional? What are business travelers looking for in this destination?

What is Incentive Tourism?

Incentive tourism is a new trend that companies are adopting more and more. To motivate and reward their teams, some organizations choose to organize a corporate trip as a gift to their employees. The reward is not the only goal. Incentive trips also help foster team cohesion. These trips are also an opportunity to forge links between employees.

Incentive tourism can be guided by the sole pursuit of leisure, but this is not always the case. While traveling on business, some companies decide to take advantage of their stay to organize team building and tourism activities so they can discover and enjoy the destination in which they are located. This trend is called bleisure tourism, a mix between leisure and business tourism. Bleisure tourism enthusiasts decide to maximize their business travel experience.

If incentive tourism has become a trend, it is also because there are many benefits for the company. In recent years, research about well-being at work has shown the importance of feeling good within one’s organization in order to be efficient and productive. Incentive tourism is a tool available to the manager to improve the atmosphere within the company as well as the well-being of his employees. Organizing a business trip is therefore common practice. Many destinations are popular with entrepreneurs and Barcelona is one of the most popular!

barcelona incentive destination

Barcelona: your destination for organizing incentive trips

Barcelona is a perfect destination for organizing incentive trips for groups. This city has many assets that make it very popular with businesses. Sea, sun, accessibility and proximity to any european countries, find out why Barcelona is the ideal place to organize an incentive trip:

1- Barcelona has a considerable advantage over other destinations: its accessibility and proximity

Its proximity to any european country is a very popular criterion for business leaders and managers looking to organize an incentive trip with their teams. Only 2,5 hours by plane from London, Amsterdam or Brussels, Barcelona offers easy access and a nice change of scenery. So, when coming from other european countries, organizing an incentive trip to Barcelona is quick, easy and does not require spending long hours in transport. This being said, Barcelona airport also offers multiple direct flights from numerous cities in the world : New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. This makes Barcelona one of the most accessible city in the world!

2- Barcelona is a leading destination for business tourism

Hotels are used to hosting companies and are equipped accordingly. Numerous meeting rooms are available with reception venues that can accommodate hundreds of people. Also, the Spanish city is a popular destination for the organization of Team Building. Some agencies have specialized in organizing incentive trips to Barcelona, ​​such as Secret Barcelona. At Secret Barcelona we organize original team building activities in Barcelona but also in the Balearic Islands and the rest of Catalonia.

3- Barcelona is the cultural destination par excellence

The city of Gaudi is steeped in history and culture. The architectures are breathtaking and the museums fascinating. Between tradition and modernity, Barcelona is a young and dynamic city in which traditions endure. All of this makes the city very special, interesting and intriguing.

4- In Barcelona: impossible to be bored!

Culinary discoveries, good local addresses, atypical and unusual places: by choosing this destination, companies are sure to spend incredible moments in the company of their teams. Considered a city that never sleeps, it offers multiple activity possibilities for groups, day and night, on land and at sea.

5- The good weather: in Barcelona, ​​it is mild all year round!

Even in winter, the sun is still there. This is one of the main reasons Barcelona is so popular with business. Sweetness of life and good weather are two main assets of this idyllic destination. To escape the daily grind, companies very often look for sunny destinations and Spain has the advantage of a mild climate all year round.

6- Barcelona is bordered by the Mediterranean and offers sublime beaches

Organizing an incentive trip to Barcelona is a wise choice for any company that wants to enjoy the sea with its employees. Barcelona is located 1 hour by car from the Costa Brava. In this idyllic location, companies love to organize catamaran or sailboat expeditions with their teams. On the program: crystal-clear water, sun and the discovery of coves, caves and exceptional landscapes in the waters of the Costa Brava. With such activities, everyone in the company is sure to have an unforgettable time!

Barcelona is therefore establishing itself as the leading destination for the organization of incentive trips. More and more companies from everywher in the world are staying in this precious city of Catalonia to engage in team building activities. In search of a change of scenery, comfort and unusual incentive activities, startups and large groups appreciate the authentic Barcelona.

If, like many companies, you want to try the experience of incentive tourism in Barcelona, ​​Secret Barcelona offers its services. Incentive travel organizer, our agency takes care of your incentive trip project in Spain. We support you from start to finish in organizing your corporate event. Exceptional environment and unusual activities on the program: if you want to organize an extraordinary business trip, Secret Barcelona is the agency for you.

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