Incentive experiences in Catalonia

incentive in catalonia

Catalonia is a region with varied landscapes between land and sea that can be discovered endlessly. From unusual coves to Catalan vineyards, the decor is unique in its kind and satisfies all tastes. Through the picturesque villages and small roads in the hills, let yourself be led to the ports with white houses and the coasts dotted with coves for an incentive trip to Catalonia full in discoveries.

Sitges, Cadaqués, Girona or even Barcelona, ​​so many cities and towns to explore to immerse yourself in the heart of a surprising culture. Choosing Catalonia for incentives is a rigorous choice given the countless possibilities of activities for groups!

A very pleasant climate, secret creeks, Catalan gastronomy to savor without limit, and thrilling activities, what more can you dream of for your incentive stay in Spain?

To complete this memorable stay, Catalonia offers great infrastructures suitable for business tourism, and allows you to stay in high-end hotels with unique views. Secret Barcelona supports you in the organization of your incentive stay in Catalonia with tailor-made offers according to your desires. From group activities to unusual hotels and cultural visits to Catalan villages, we create the immersive stay that suits you!

Sensational incentives to motivate your team

challenge incentive catalonia

You are the head of a company with a team that
daily support in the development of your business, and you want to challenge them more? Opt for exceptional incentives in Spain!

Incentive experiences motivate your employees and challenge them to achieve specific goals. Clearly, incentive travels are a strategy for the employer to take his business to new horizons. To achieve the objectives set, everyone will give the best of themselves to benefit from a premium reward: an incentive trip to Catalonia!

In addition to the challenge, offering an incentive experience helps strengthen your team cohesion and encourage everyone to reveal themselves more. After a few days of group incentives, your team will be much more united and ready to take on new challenges. Team activities, communication, mutual aid and sharing: all the elements that will make your stay in Catalonia a memorable experience.

4 reasons to go on an incentive trip to Catalonia

Catalonia: a land of traditions and culture

Catalonia has a particularly strong culture with traditions that endure year after year. It’s hard to miss the many monuments and works of art in every corner of Catalonia. Gaudi, Miro, Dali, so many artists who have marked the history of Catalonia and whose works can be seen, even today, in the streets of Barcelona, Figueres and in the secret places of the Costa Brava.

Barcelona Team building-castellers human pyramid

During a mosaics workshop, play as the famous Gaudi for a moment to create your most beautiful works and leave with your personalized souvenir in the image of Catalonia.

The buildings and white facades so typical of the region can also be discovered during the guided tours with extraordinary views of the Catalan coast. During a treasure hunt, we invite you to explore these Mediterranean landscapes. Under the radiant sun of the Iberian Peninsula, immerse yourself in the heart of the oldest traditions.

Between Catalan traditions and acrobatic feats, you will be amazed by the human pyramids, the Castells, to be reproduced with your team! Nothing like balance and gaining height to strengthen bonds!

A gastronomy to savor without limit

Incentives in Catalonia cannot take place without incorporating culinary discoveries. Catalonia is rich in traditional dishes and delicious tapas. It is a true gastronomic journey that we invite you to go on with us to explore the flavors of the Mediterranean.

tapas tasting catalonia

During your incentive trip to Catalonia, you can enjoy various tastings of tapas and local wines from Priorat. Discovering the wineries and bodegas, the sommeliers will take you on a journey through surprising wine aromas in a unique setting in the hinterland or on the seafront. Between conviviality and challenge, put your senses to the test and smell the aromas of an exquisite taste experience.

And what better than a tasting of traditional dishes to accompany these prestigious vintages. What you hear about Catalan gastronomy is real: it is pure delight! Get ready to become a chef for a cooking workshop to prepare these delicious dishes yourself. And for a total immersion in the heart of traditions, our guides will show you the rice fields of the Ebro Delta to learn all about rice cultivation. You won’t taste paellas the same way after this local dining experience!

Unusual activities between land and sea

Secret Barcelona organizes incentive activities according to your wishes for all levels. We create tailor-made incentive stays that perfectly meet your expectations. All our activities are designed to create real cohesion within your team.

The most beautiful beaches in Catalonia will become your favorite playgrounds to enjoy the crystal clear waters and challenge your teammates during fun beach games and water games challenges. Also climb aboard a Catalan catamaran for a rejuvenating cruise and explore unusual coves during a group snorkeling session.

via ferrata experience catalonia

The hinterland is no slouch when it comes to having fun and thrills off the beaten track. As you roam the wine-growing lands while admiring the surrounding nature, embark on a group hike, and a via ferrata experience to dominate the views of Catalonia and climb the rocks sculpted by time.

These activities are an opportunity to go beyond your limits and unite your team in unusual situations.

An incentive in Catalonia to break the ice and strengthen team cohesion

Even if you work with the same people every day, you only really know them in your professional environment. It is therefore sometimes beneficial for the good of the team and to ensure good understanding within the company, to get to know your colleagues more in depth. For that, nothing better than sharing an incentive stay together in a multi-faceted country with tailor-made team building activities. The various activities offered are designed to ensure communication and good understanding between all. On the program: relaxation and sharing to create memories of a lifetime.

Secret Barcelona is committed to providing you with the best incentive activities in Catalonia. Enjoy an unforgettable stay with colleagues. We work with trusted partners to offer you ever more original and immersive incentives. Let us know what you feel like experiencing and we will organize authentic activities for you that meet your expectations.

Catalonia welcomes you with open arms to make you live a unique experience. Through the various activities offered, discover the beauties and charms of this region of Spain!

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