Discover the unusual Ibiza

Unusual discoveries in Ibiza

When you hear about Ibiza, you often think of the gigantic pool parties, the many DJs who set nightclubs on fire, and the big celebrities who come to strut the beaches of the island. However, this pearl of the Balearic Islands is not limited to this frenzy and these jet set parties. Find out how to get a really unusual experience of Ibiza!


A haven of peace in the heart of the Mediterranean

Ibiza is also an island of innumerable charms to spend a restful and rejuvenating stay enjoying the sun, walks, and the benefits of nature.

View Es Vedra IbizaIndeed, under its very jet set reputation, Ibiza is nevertheless full of surprises and hides unsuspected secrets. All the beauty of the Balearic Islands is found on this small island with breathtaking landscapes with its paradisiacal setting, its exuberant nature, its pristine beaches and the many hikes that make it a destination both coveted and unusual. In addition to its magnificent natural landscapes, the island immerses you in a flower power atmosphere, marked by its hippie past and its bohemian atmosphere. And to continue the experience of a restful stay, take advantage of the “agroturismo” hotels which welcome you in unique settings.

Discover with us all the beauty of Ibiza with its timeless places, its activities to be shared in groups and its accommodation far from the crowds of tourists who invade the island in the height of the summer season. Just 2.5 hours flight from London or Amsterdam for example, take off for a different stay with encounters you never suspect. In Ibiza, everyone lives at their own pace and everyone is accepted as they are!

So, forget the stress of work and your life that is flying away so quickly, and come and discover life in Ibiza!


The most original activities

If tourist activities don’t interest you so much and you really want to explore unusual places and activities of Ibiza, find out what we have to offer! Ibiza is full of magical places to discover. Follow your adventurous spirit and let yourself be guided to the most beautiful places and the most beautiful landscapes of the island.

Whether you like thrilling activities or more relaxing activities, the island offers each visitor their dose of emotions.

Safari Jeep IbizaInland, mountain biking, hiking, jeeps safari or horseback riding, choose the activity of your dreams! Advice to all athletes looking for unique activities in Ibiza, we have what you need. What could be better during your short stay than to explore the hidden charms of the island. Going on a hike in natural parks like Ses Salines, accompanied by a guide, is the best option to really discover Ibiza in all its facets. Get your sneakers and camera ready, you won’t be disappointed! As you explore the authentic rural landscapes, the unspoiled coast and the caves flooded with turquoise water, take advantage of these memorable moments together to recharge your batteries in the heart of nature. You will enjoy losing yourself in the hiking trails that lead to secret and unseen places. And if you are always looking for more thrills, get ready for an adventure hiking session or soaring into the air during a parasailing session. The aerial view of the island is breathtaking and provides an incredible feeling of freedom!

Ibiza best coves discoveryFor lovers of the Mediterranean with its seabed rich in exceptional flora and fauna, the sea will be your little paradise during group activities. A board, water, a paddle… Add to that a touch of balance, and enjoy a sporting and rejuvenating moment on a stand up paddle (SUP)! With family or friends, this popular activity will surprise you! In the same vein, discover the hidden coves of the island, snorkel and mask in hand so you won’t miss anything once underwater! Ibiza has impressive underwater caves like the Cueva de la Luza with walls of a thousand and one colors. So many places to explore on a catamaran or kayak cruise around the island!

Finally, let’s not forget the culinary activities! Prepare for an unusual discovery of Ibiza through hidden places. An original and different Tapas tour that pushes people to meet. Pick the plants needed to make the famous “Hierbas”, Ibiza’s legendary digestif, and leave with your own bottle of Hierbas! Or, take part in a cooking class on the farm… fresh produce guaranteed!


Stay in an authentic and unusual setting in Ibiza

Obviously, finding accommodation in Ibiza is easy given the large offer of upscale hotels that welcome tourists from all over the world each year. But to discover Ibiza differently, nothing like small traditional fincas (Agroturismo) lost in the middle of nature.

meal with a view in ibizaStaying in an authentic setting in the hinterland or facing the Mediterranean allows you to recharge your batteries and take time for yourself during your stay. The owners of these estates welcome you in all simplicity and friendliness to share with you a typical Spanish culture in Ibiza.

At the rendezvous: tastefully decorated rooms, incredible views and authentic gourmet cuisine. Discovering Ibiza is also about tasting homemade dishes with love for a tasty culinary journey! In an intimate atmosphere, fall for the charm of traditional cuisine with its tapas and delicate dishes made with local products. Add to that a wine list of character and everything comes together to offer you your long awaited stay in Ibiza.

Ibiza reveals itself as a haven of peace in the heart of the Balearic Islands. Once discovered, it is very difficult not to come back… Treat yourself to this break in Ibiza with the precious advice of our guides who offer you an exquisite trip to Spain!

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