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Teide; Tenerife, Espagne

Discover why Tenerife is the perfect island for your next group trip to the Canaries!

In an effort to expand and always offer you quality tailor-made group trips, Secret Barcelona has decided to expand its team. I’ve been passionate about Spain – Barcelona, Madrid, the Balearic Islands and of course the Canary Islands – and its culture for a long time, so here I am to write this article and the next ones as well. In order to immerse myself in the very special atmosphere of the Canary Islands, I started looking for information and testimonies about these islands. I obviously started at the source with the two founders of Secret Barcelona: less than a year ago, they made a two-month trip to these islands! The goal? To find the best addresses, visits and team building activities for your group trips to Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura! I then re-discovered different and unique islands, including Tenerife, the largest and most famous of them.

Tenerife, an island with many facets

Travel agency Tenerife

Before you start planning your next group trip to Tenerife, you need to understand how the island is organised. It is divided into two distinct parts: the North and the South. This may sound obvious, but the demarcation is real. In the North, we find the more secret part of the island, more atypical and unknown. The south is more urbanised and is a major tourist destination. In its centre, the island is home to pine forests and a volcano culminating at more than 3700m, the Teide. The dry, desert-like landscape gives the surrounding natural park an almost Martian feel. There is no shortage of natural parks in Tenerife! In addition to the Teide Park, the island is full of unique and atypical places like the Anaga Rural Park located in the north of the island. Laurisylva, mirador and change of scenery are on the agenda in this park which has kept all its splendour and unique character. Perfect for a team building activity during your next group trip to Tenerife!




Sublime towns of character

Travel agency Tenerife

Whether we are talking about San Cristobal de La Laguna, the old capital located in the north of the island, La Orotava, or Icod de los Vinos, the towns of Tenerife do not lack character and charm. There are small pedestrian streets and colourful houses. A unique and warm atmosphere prevails, and a feeling of South America! But in Tenerife, nature is never far away. It is possible to go off the beaten track on a hike or a bike ride, or even to plan more gourmet visits, especially to the wine estates in the north of the island. As you can see, the island’s towns are full of secrets to discover for surprising group visits to Tenerife!

Tenerife, a unique island with activities to match

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The island of “eternal spring” has many surprises in store for your trip to the Canaries that will make it unique. Discovering Teide by night and its starry sky, whale and dolphin watching cruises, caving in one of the many lava caves on the island… Tenerife is a unique and characterful destination for your next group trip or company seminar. In any case, we are conquered by this multi-faceted island which will undoubtedly charm you!

For all your group travel projects in Tenerife, call on Secret Barcelona, a genuine local travel agency specialising in group travel, incentives and team building activities in the Canaries! Secret Barcelona is committed to helping you discover the Canary Islands in a different way. We offer authentic local visits to Tenerife and will make your next group trip a unique and unforgettable experience! Contact us for more information!

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