Barcelona, a beach destination!

Beach in Barcelona

Barcelona, the Catalan capital, is known worldwide for its culture, its unique architecture, and of course its gastronomy. All these assets make it an ideal destination for your incentive trips and team building activities! But, let’s not forget that Barcelona is also a seaside city where its huge beaches and the Mediterranean Sea make it also a perfect city for water sports and beach activities! In this article we will present you the best water sports activities to do in Barcelona and its surroundings!


Surfing in Barcelona

Surfing, a true icon of water sports!

What better and more iconic way to start this article than surfing! Indeed, surfing is one of, if not the first activity you think of when looking for a water activity. Waves, white sand and sunshine… that’s what awaits you! The Catalan capital and its surroundings offer many perfect spots for surfing, making this sport one of the best team building activities for a group trip to Barcelona.


Windsurfing in Barcelona

Other board sports!

Although surfing seems to reign supreme in the category of board sports, there are other practices that are sure to surprise your teams! Windsurfing, paddle boarding and kitesurfing are all activities that are derived from surfing and have a little something extra. Looking for a thrill? With its sail and board, kitesurfing is for you! Are you looking for a calmer and more contemplative activity? Paddleboarding is the one to try! Looking for a mix of both? Let yourself be tempted by windsurfing! To each his own style! These activities, all different from each other, are perfect for your team building activities and will allow you to enjoy the beautiful Catalan beaches!


Snorkeling in BarcelonaDiscover the sea bed

If you’re curious and want to find out more about the Catalan seabed, you have to try snorkelling! Suitable for everyone, this way of diving is ideal for discovering the crystal-clear waters of Barcelona. Equipped with a mask, snorkel and fins, you can go and admire the sea bed. If you want to know more, don’t miss a visit to the Marine Life Recovery Centre, which is responsible for the protection of marine biodiversity. You will discover all the secrets of the local marine fauna, especially the turtles!



Catamaran in BarcelonaCatamaran trip

Are you and your team looking to be amazed by landscapes that can only be seen in the open sea? Then go on a Catamaran trip off the coast of Barcelona. This sea trip is a great team building activity and will allow you to relax in a unique setting! On board, refreshments, snacks and good humour! Why not take the opportunity to explore the sea bed?

Regatta in Barcelona

Regatta in Barcelona

Feeling like a competitor? Do you want a fun and challenging team building activity? Then take part with your teams in a regatta off the coast of the Catalan region! On 6 to 8 person sailboats, experience an epic race! This team building activity is accessible to all and requires no sailing experience. Accompanied by certified instructors, you will live a memorable moment during your group trip to Barcelona!


Beach Volleyball in BarcelonaBeach activities

We should not forget the beach activities either. These team building activities are also ideal for enjoying the enchanting surroundings of Catalonia. Beach Volleyball tournaments or Olympics on the beach will allow you to awaken your inner competitor and have a great time as a team!




Paddle in BarcelonaAs you will have understood in this article, Barcelona is a first choice city for your team building activities, we have already told you about an example here! The city is also an excellent choice for water and beach activities. Whether you’re looking for sports activities or more leisurely activities, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Barcelona. The surf and water sports school Sea You Barcelona understands this and has set up shop in the Catalan capital! As for us, we remain convinced that the city is ideal for your team building activities and group trips, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are also convinced that Barcelona is ideal for your meetings and business events! If you’re looking for a room in Barcelona, check out Spacehuntr, which allows you to book venues for meetings, workshops and afterwork events for example! And it corresponds to the size of your team and your desires!

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