Authentic Mallorca: discover the island like a local

authentic mallorca

Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands that will captivate you and not leave you indifferent once discovered! The diversity of its landscapes between hidden coves, the mountains of the hinterland and the Spanish villages makes Mallorca an authentic destination. Obviously, many travelers will tell you about the night life of the seaside cities of Palma and Magaluf, and the paradise beaches, but Mallorca is not just about the frenzy that fills the streets in summer.

Discovering authentic Mallorca up close to the locals is possible thanks to expert private Balearic guides who will offer you to explore the island in a different way. The possibilities on the island are endless, both for lovers of farniente and relaxation, as well as for the more athletic ones! Everyone will find what they are looking for in Mallorca during a stay that will resemble them and of which they will keep unique memories. With family or friends, authentic Mallorca is full of beautiful places to discover. If you want to experience a unique stay in Mallorca, Secret Barcelona is your best ally: we offer unusual tailor-made activities and excursions!

Hiking, the key to authenticity!

To get authentic experiences in Mallorca, there is nothing better than to explore its natural hidden places. To do this, put on your sneakers or hop on a bike to discover old trails of the island. Mallorca has the most beautiful hikes in the Mediterranean and it is above all a paradise for cyclists!

visit mallorca villagesOver the mountains and sea views, you will never enjoy cycling as much as on this paradise island. Above all, what a luxury to be able to explore the Serra de Tramuntana, a protected natural space!

During your hike or bike tour, you will for sure find beautiful authentic places where you can rest for a few moments and share a meal with breathtaking views! Along the way, let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere that reigns in the picturesque villages nestled in the heart of the mountains, and discover a warm and exciting local culture. Valldemossa, Pollença, Soller, Alcúdia, so many atypical villages to explore to taste the best local food with traditional horchatas and coca de patata.

Deserted islands and unusual discoveries

boat tour authentic mallorcaNow, hit the road and chase for secret gardens, virgin coves, deserted islands and incredible hiking trails! You will discover all the hidden charms of Mallorca there. If you want to experience authenticity, head to Dragonera and Cabrera: the two deserted Balearic islands, which can be reached from Mallorca.

Go on an adventure off the virgin lands of Mallorca and try hiking in the heart of nature. These two uninhabited islands have some nice surprises in store for you for a good dose of clean air.

Located to the southwest, the island of Sa Dragonera stretches for 4km with a corpulent jetty and three lighthouses which make it its main feature. Cabrera Island is a timeless place where you can indulge yourself for a few moments. Exploring these islands is the perfect opportunity to embark on a catamaran and sail the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean! If you appreciate the discoveries of another time, you will not be left out in Mallorca with the Caves of Drach, the Cap de Formentor, the Serra de Tramuntana and especially the unusual coves.

The most beautiful coves of the Balearic Islands

Of course, you won’t be able to really discover Mallorca without looking for the most beautiful coves in the Mediterranean. Few ones require some effort to reach them and enjoy a dazzling spectacle with transparent water, golden cliffs and above all an invaluable tranquility. To discover these hidden beauties, our guide will take you to the most beautiful authentic places of Mallorca: Banyalbufar for its fresh waterfall surrounded by mountains, Calo des Moro for its piercing blue, Sa Calobra and its decor so surprising, and many other coves to explore without limit.

sa calobra mallorcaWhile hiking, stop and enjoy the natural coves that make the island so special. Above all, take advantage of this cool break to explore the seabed rich in flora and fauna! Canyoning, snorkeling, stand up paddle, every occasions are good for diving and admiring this incredible marin show.

If you want to visit the island like a local, meet the locals to soak up the culture. Adopt the Mallorcan way of life and discover all the richness of beautiful Mallorca! Live experiences according to your desires between sea activities, wine tastings, unusual hikes, festive evenings on the coast and much more. There’s no doubt you will be surprised by the authenticity of your stay in Mallorca! With Secret Barcelona Travel Agency’s off the beaten track excursions, let go, let yourself be surprised by the beauties of the Balearic Islands and make your stay in Mallorca an exceptional trip!

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